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Shed City USA Current Inventory

Image ID Style Size Location


512 Ranch 8' x 8' Rangely 8' x 8' Ranch style shed with a 4' wide door; 2' x 2' window on the left wall, and green shingles SALE $1638
486 Loft with Porch 10' x 16' Craig 10' x 16' LOFT/ Porch Style shed: 10' x 12 is enclosed Plus a 4' porch; single 4' door, 30"x 36" window on the right wall and green shingles. This is on Super Sale. SALE $3546
527 Garage 12' x 20' Craig 12' x 20' x 8' sidewall Garage / Ranch Style Shed with a 9' x 6.5' garage door, one 3' wide shed door on the right side, and a 3' x 3' window on the rear wall SALE $5490